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To better align with the Institute’s Strategic Plan goals, IDEI is focused on providing expanded Implicit Bias training for faculty and staff who serve in critical roles such as hiring, search, retention, promotion, and tenure committees.

For more information about the Implicit Bias workshops for tenured and tenure-track faculty, please click here:

For more information about the Implicit Bias workshops for non-tenure-track faculty, research faculty, and staff, please click here:

In addition to the Implicit Bias workshops that are provided for faculty and staff who serve in critical roles, IDEI provides training for student organization leaders and academic units/departments on a limited basis by request only.

NOTE: All sessions are typically held virtually for 60 or 90 minutes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during regular business hours.

If you are interested in making a training request, please complete the consultation form here and a representative from the Diversity and Inclusion Education and Training team will follow up with you.

Currently offered workshops:

Training for Student Leaders

Topic: Implicit Bias and Micro Aggressions

This interactive workshop is for students serving in leadership positions, who want to learn about the impact of implicit bias on our actions and specific ways to advocate for a more inclusive campus community. These sessions are provided to executive boards and other student leaders in undergraduate and graduate student organizations. 

After attending this workshop, student leaders will learn the following:

  • Understanding the link between implicit bias and micro aggressions based on various identities.
  • Ways to reduce bias and interrupt micro aggressions by holding courageous conversations with your membership.
  • How to make your student organization more inclusive and welcoming to all members of the campus community.

Training for Academic Units/Departments

Topics: Micro aggressions, Creating an Inclusive Culture, or Courageous Conversations for Team Leaders

Occasionally, we provide sessions for units and departments on a range of other DEI topics. These sessions are offered on a very limited basis by request only.